A virtual private server (VPS) is a popular choice in web hosting for it provides excellent flexibility and customizability to the users. Many businesses consider Singapore VPS servers from reputable providers to host their websites. If you are also looking for VPS Hosting in Singapore, you may also choose to go with a web hosting provider. 

While the hosting provider can take care of all the technical aspects, you should also know a few aspects of server hosting. For example, root access to your Web Domain and Hosting site to get the most out of your hosting solution is one important point to have knowledge about. 

This article will explain the importance of having root access to your Virtual Server, which gives you greater control and management over your website hosting. 

Here is more about it. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS plans is a hosting solution that employs virtualisation technology to create secure and stable hosting environments suitable for websites with moderate traffic exceeding shared hosting limits. In addition to that, VPS hosting offers a great deal of flexibility and control to the users.

What is Full Root Access in VPS Hosting?

Simply put, root access is the permission to access everything on the server. It allows a great deal of control over the VPS server. When you allow full root access, users get complete administrative control and unrestricted access to their servers.

With full root access, users can manage the server, install, configure, and remove software, customise settings, and perform administrative tasks without limitations. It is especially beneficial for businesses and websites that require extensive control over their server’s configuration.

Advantages of Full Root Access

Enhanced ControlFull root access grants users unrestricted control over site administration and the hosting environment.
Heightened SecurityVPS hosting with root access enhances security through isolated environments and advanced measures, allowing users to configure firewalls, apply security patches, and implement protocols for safeguarding their servers and data.
Improved Reliability and FlexibilityIt offers reliability, flexibility, and dedicated resources akin to dedicated hosting, empowering users to optimise server performance through fine-tuning resource allocation and server settings.
Data ProtectionVPS hosting with full root access facilitates server backups and customisable features, ensuring the safety and preservation of data.
Efficient Website ManagementFull root access enables faster website access and improved speed by allowing individual website updates without affecting others.
CustomizabilityWith full root access, users can customise the server environment to match their specific requirements, including choosing the OS, installing software, and configuring settings.
Efficient Development and TestingDevelopers benefit from full root access to install and test software, frameworks, and libraries, creating smooth deployment environments.
Data Management and BackupsFull root access simplifies data management and backups, controlling the storage, backup schedules, and recovery processes.
Isolation and StabilityFull root access in VPS hosting ensures stability and performance by isolating users from each other and preventing resource interference.
Administrative PrivilegesRoot access grants the highest administrative control, allowing advanced system configurations, software installations, file modifications, user account management, and execution.


Full root access in VPS hosting offers extensive control and flexibility but requires technical expertise and responsibility. It is beneficial for tasks like software development and advanced configurations. However, restricted access options or managed hosting services may be more suitable if you prefer a managed and simplified hosting environment or have limited technical knowledge.