An individual or business that wants to build an online presence credibly requires to build websites that are designed by taking care of the aspects of the website owner’s vision, goal and purpose. 

Moreover, to establish a strong foundation, you also require reliable Domain and Hosting packages. Thus, when you try to build your website online, you come across these key terms Website Builder and Web Hosting. 

However, both are used for creating a website and serve different purposes, but few people are confused between them. So here in this article, we will learn about their differences and relationships.  

What Is Website Builder?

A Website Builder is an online tool or software that helps you build a website online or offline without any technical knowledge or coding skills. 

Its easy-to-use friendly interface, a wide range of templates and drag-drop features help the user to create a customised website according to the requirement of the website user. 

For instance, Wix, Squarespace, and are some of the best Australian Website Builders.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the service that stores and makes your website accessible online. 

In this, the Web Hosting provider offers the infrastructure and technology to store your website’s files, images, data and more on their server and make it available to visitors to your website via the internet.

Website Builder vs Web Hosting

AspectWebsite BuilderWeb Hosting
PurposeIt is used to create and design websitesIt is used to store and make websites accessible
Technical expertiseNo coding or technical skills are requiredIt may require technical knowledge
Design flexibilityIt comes with a wide range of templates and customizationIt is limited to the features provided
FunctionalityIt has integrated features (e-commerce, forms)It relies on a Website Builder or CMS
ControlIt has limited control over the hosting environmentIt has full control over the hosting environment
Hosting optionsIt may offer integrated Web HostingIt is a standalone or separate Web Hosting service
MaintenanceIt comes with Automatic updates and maintenanceRequired manual management and updates
CostIt has subscription-based pricingPricing options vary  according to the type of Web Hosting you choose  (shared, VPS, etc.)
Technical supportIt comes with built-in customer support and tutorialsIn this, the technical support is provided by the hosting provider
ScalabilityIt may have limited scalability for complex websitesIn this, the scalability options are based on the hosting package

What Is The  Relationship Between Website Builders and Web Hosting?

Website Builders and Web Hosting both serve different purposes while complementing each other. 

Many Website Builders offer Web Hosting as part of their subscription plan services, allowing users to create and host their websites seamlessly. It combines to become a solution that provides convenience to beginners who want to make less effort in dealing with the technical aspects of Web Hosting.


Website Builders and Web Hosting are two distinct utilities that can be used together or separately to develop and host websites on the internet. 

However, knowing the distinctions between these two elements will enable you to create and manage your website more proficiently.