Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings: Things to Look Out For

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Taking a big jump and getting engaged is a huge step in any relationship and now you are in a dilemma on what to buy for your significant other and you are having a hard time choosing what is best. 

You might have been using a whole lot of wholesale diamonds for sale and you do not know where to buy it from, or you might be looking for the best online diamond wholesalers and you can’t find one. Well, we are here to help you with your dilemma.

Wholesale Vs. Retail

What is the difference between them both? 

A diamond wholesaler is someone who buys diamonds in bulk. They have access to a pricing report called the Rapaport Diamond Report and this is an industry that has a standard pricing guide set up in a matrix, which includes the prices for different shapes, colors, clarity, and carats. The price would also be significantly lower than that of retails stores.

A retail diamond store, on the other hand, you could physically touch, try on and ogle over pieces before purchasing them. However, it is more expensive. The prices are 30% – 50% higher than you would find online or from a wholesaler.

Now that you know the difference between retail and wholesale, here are a few tips on how you could buy the perfect engagement ring for your partner:

  1. Know the 4 C’s

If you have been looking for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other, there is a chance that you have heard about the 4 C’s


This is the shape of the diamond and affects the sparkle factor of the ring.


The size of a diamond is measured in carats, and this also affects the weight of the ring. The average diamond in an engagement ring is one carat or 200 milligrams.


Even the most perfect-looking, sparkly diamond could have flaws, these imperfections determine the clarity of the diamond, which is rated on an intricate scale from flawless to included.


Diamonds come in a spectrum of shades, the rarest ones being colorless. Color is ranked from D (colorless) – to Z (which is visibly yellowish).

  1. Pick Your Shape

There are various shapes that you get to choose from, here are just some of the popular shapes that people usually buy:


This is the most common and sought-after shape. It also is the shape that best highlights the diamond.


Compliments lone, lean fingers.


Showcases excellent clarity.


It is a square emerald that has an art deco feel.


Vintage style that has rounded corners.


The pyramidal shape makes the diamond look larger than it is.


This style maximizes the carat size of the ring.


A rounded version of the Marquise but more round.

  1. Have A Budget 

What you buy will depend on how you prioritize your budget, from the quality of the stone, the certain details added, the settings, and other add-ons like engravings. 

Benefits of Buying Loose Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings

  1. More Options

You will have access to a wide variety of diamonds from which to choose from. From the different cuts to the different colors, and even after narrowing your options down, you still have a lot of diamonds available to you.

  1. Personalized

You could have the stone cut the exact way you want it and have it set in a frame of your choosing. You could also be creative and design the ring yourself.

  1. Low Prices

Shopping wholesale means that there would be a whole lot of options that are available at your fingertips, it also means that you would be able to find wholesale jewelry engagement rings for an incredible prize. 

  1. More Certified Diamonds

A lot of wholesale diamonds for sale are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which means they are certified which makes the Loose diamond’s value hold longer.

  1. Easier to Inspect

Loose diamonds could be easily inspected with a special jeweler’s tool called a loupe which would be easier especially if you are not a professional jewelry grader.

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